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Ladies Choice Presents main man Adam Bass chimes in with his favorite records of 2011. This Friday Adam presents a Ladies' Choice Blackout Xmas! with Skarp, Snuggle!, Android Hero, and Spacebag at the Comet. On January 21st Adam starts 2012 off with a bang with Ladies' Choice Presents: Helms Alee, Black Elk, Nether Regions, and Princess.
Hurry Up, Dicks – A treatise on one of the best bands you’ve probably never heard
"...There are so few bands I know out there that truly grow. Sure they’ll try new things, maybe change, but actual growth as a band is somewhat rare. One of them is Oakland’s Hurry Up Shotgun."
Conan Nutron promoting Split 7" Show on Pirate Cat Radio
Mister Odom’s Bottomless Pit - Wednesday 4-6PM - November 24 with Mister Odom
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HuS joins project: Courage and Consequence - an LP comp./ culture jam of bands against Rove
Bands of Courage and Consequence: "... Neutron is planning his own project to coincide with Rove's March 9 book release. Originally, he wanted to create a one-off band that would perform songs about Karl Rove, and show "what the book should actually be about." The idea was to create a "Google bomb," like the one that Richard Kim and Betsy Reed created with their Sarah Palin parody, Going Rouge. When Neutron broached the subject with friends, their response was so overwhelming that he decided to take the idea one step further. He devised an entire compilation of songs that go against the Rovian grain. He named the album Karl Rove: Courage and Consequence, in the hope that it would steal hits on Google and perhaps even trick right-wing book-buyers into purchasing the wrong product. Barring a lawsuit for copyright infringement, Neutron says his main goal is to mess with the retired politician "in some small way" — even if it only amounts to a few less book sales, or a slightly lower Google ranking."

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Photos from CD Release Party
Shannon Corr is the bay area's premier rock photographer... here's a few shots from the recent CD Release Party [Read More...]
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