Album Cover
Hurry Up Shotgun
Hurry Up Shotgun
Released: Oct 7, 2011
Label: Seismic Wave Entertainment
Track Listing
1 Reason
2 Watermelon Sugar
3 Paths
4 Swim
5 Ghost of Ursula
6 Birds of Islam
7 Garbage Destinations
8 Gravity
9 Little Pieces
10 Girl from CA

Liner Notes


  • Austin Pitts: Vocals/Guitar
  • Craig Eastman: BAss/Vocals
  • Adam Kayne: Drums


  • Produced/Engineered: Toshi Kasai
  • Mixed at Nephew's Closet
  • Recorded at Sharkbite Studioes, 2011
  • Mastered by Mike Wells
  • Photography: Shannon Corr
  • Design by: Ryan Flowers

Seismic Wave  - SW009




Local Licks This week we review El4D, Uzi Rash, The Heel Draggers, and Hurry Up Shotgun.
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This Oakland power trio cites fear of the modern world as a primary source of inspiration, and the three members have designed their music accordingly.
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Music is far too important to be relegated to the background. Conan Neutron’s top albums of 2011
Music is far too important to be relegated to the background. And while many “Best of” or “Top 10” lists are full of background music for background people, I reject that wholesale. We live in a world overburdened and surrounded by tawdry flacks and cheap howling sideshow men yelping for your attention at every level. All demanding that they and ONLY they have found the NEXT.BIG.THING. Finding a filter for this isn’t just a nice thing, it’s nearly a requirement. In any case, it’s a world gone topsy turvy when certain other sites of “music writing”, never to be confused with actual music criticism, FAMOUS for being a closed system are suddenly soliciting a reader’s poll. What do you think, is this progress? In any case, just because something is popular means that it is good, it just means that it is popular. However, certain powerful forces that have dominated the majority of the music world have been awash in pushing forward a certain branded identity. Whether they admit it or not, there is culpability and an aesthetic that favors the Starbucks variety of sensitivity and vaguely inoffensive background melody and music. So therefore, let us all give thanks that there is a place on the Internet that you can read and INTERACT with actual music criticism. A place where people who truly LOVE music will both tell you when they see miserable failure, but can present to you what they love. Sometimes in an easy list form. 2011 was an incredible year for music and here are some of the things that made it even more incredible for me, as a fan of rock music in no particular order:
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ThirdCoast Digest
"....Their music in this current batch o’ tunes FEEL like they are NOT OF THIS TIME, which is to say, these songs do not fit into any current genre bin. Hurry Up Shotgun STANDS ALONE."
Hurry Up, Dicks – A treatise on one of the best bands you’ve probably never heard
"...There are so few bands I know out there that truly grow. Sure they’ll try new things, maybe change, but actual growth as a band is somewhat rare. One of them is Oakland’s Hurry Up Shotgun."
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